‘Excuse Me!’ Anti-Trump McCain Just Got Schooled By Top Pentagon Official

Arizona Sen. John McCain served his country honorably as a young man. He also spent years in a Vietnamese prison camp during the war. Most Republicans would probably agree he’d have made a much better president than Barack Obama, but that could be said about anybody. Now, McCain gets schooled by a top Trump Pentagon official.

From Washington Examiner:

Pentagon’s top weapons buyer to John McCain: ‘Excuse me, we hold people responsible’

Ellen Lord, the Defense Department’s acquisition chief, said Wednesday that a shakeup of department personnel overseeing weapons purchasing programs is already in the works after facing tough questioning from Sen. John McCain about government waste.

A review of staff in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and military services is looking at whether or not the department has “the right people in the right slots,” Lord told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I will take action if there are issues, no question about it,” Lord, whose official title is undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics, told reporters after the hearing. “There are constraints when you come into a government job, you cannot move anybody for 120 days and if you check on my 120 days it was just very recently.

“I think you should expect to see some movements,” she added.


“Sir, excuse me. I want to be on record,” Lord said. “We hold people responsible and we will talk about that.”

McCain was once a great representative for Arizonans.

He hasn’t been for a long time, though.

The fact that McCain continually attacks President Trump is bush league and he knows it. He needs to stop giving Dems ammo to use against 45!

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