FACEPALM: Liberal Website Upset That NRA Wants Women to Own Guns

There is ample proof that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns (more on that below).

Yet, liberal website VICE is upset because the NRA wants women, teachers, and others armed.

Say what?

From Free Beacon:

The progressive news site VICE tweeted Friday its disdain that the National Rifle Association wants to put guns in the hands of women, drawing mockery online.


“The NRA wants to put guns in the hands of: • Schoolteachers • Preachers • Anyone who goes into a nightclub • Women …just to name a few,” the VICE tweet said.

Check out this mother-daughter duo at a liquor store, who saved lives by pulling out THEIR guns on a bad guy, per KTUL:

The owner of Forest Acres Liquor Store has released graphic surveillance video showing a violent run-in with an armed robber.


Police have identified the suspect as Tyrone Lee and believe he’s connected to 10 other robberies in the area. They say Lee walked into the liquor store Thursday evening with a shotgun, demanding money.

Surveillance video shows the suspect behind the counter before walking out of the camera’s view. The owner and her daughter both grab their guns, and when the suspect returns, the owner opens fire.

The suspect was shot several times and remains in critical condition in the hospital.

Anything smart to say now, VICE?

You don’t feel these women should have the right to protect themselves?

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