General Drops Bombshell, Says Terrorists Had Psychological Advantage Under Obama (VIDEO)

Barack Obama did a number on America. There’s a reason why Democrats lost nearly 1,000 legislative seats during his eight years in office. Now, a general has just admitted that terrorists believed they had a psycological advantage under Obama. Here’s why…

From Conservative Tribune:

U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson slammed former President Barack Obama on Monday and said that Obama led jihadists to believe the U.S. military had lost their will.

Gen. Nicholson made that statement in a public video, CNS News reported.

Nicholson explained that from 2011-2016, the U.S. sent telegraphs to the Taliban promising that U.S. troops were leaving Afghanistan.

As a result, the Taliban saw U.S. forces as weak and believed they had “lost (their) will.”

“From 2011 to 2016, we telegraphed to the enemy that we were leaving,” Nicholson said in the video.

More from CNS News:

Criminals who are part of or linked to the Taliban are responsible for 80 percent of world’s opium, Nicholson said, citing law enforcement agency estimates the illegal economy accounts for a street value close to $60 billion.

Heroin originating from Afghanistan, he said, were on the streets of the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Balkans and Iran.

At least $200 million from this industry goes into the Taliban’s bank accounts, and this fuels and really pays for the insurgency.”

Nicholson said the raids on narcotics facilities, unleashed under the expanded U.S. authorities provided under the strategy announced in August, will continue, adding that many targets have been identified .

“Our message to the enemy is that, ‘You cannot win the war. It’s time to lay down your arms and enter into the reconciliation process,’” he said.

“And if they don’t,” he added, “they’re going to be confined to irrelevance as the Afghans expand their control of the country – or death. And so, these are the choices they face.”

We can all be thankful Obama is out of office. Agreed?

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