Go Figure! Liberal California Ranks Dead Last in U.S. for ‘Quality of Life’ (Details)

A state full of lefties run by far left progressives now ranks dead last in the United States regarding ‘quality of life.’

Who could’ve seen this coming?

From Daily Wire:

California ranks 50th (out of 50, not 57 as former President Barack Obama once said) among U.S. states in quality of life, according to a new study by U.S. News & World Report.

That’s right, California ranks lower than New Jersey (49th) and Alaska (which actually comes in at a respectable 19th).

Fox News has more:

Californians scored poorly in part because they’re simply insufferable, U.S. News suggested.

“In addition to a healthy environment, a person’s quality of life is largely a result of their interactions with those around them,” the magazine wrote in a blurb accompanying the results.

One way to measure quality life is whether residents can even afford to have a roof over their heads, and by that standard, California is failing.

Iowa ranked first in ‘quality of life.’ Indiana placed 48th, while New Jersey came in 49th.

California also ranks 46th in ‘opportunity’ and 43rd in ‘fiscal stability.’

Time to make some changes, Golden State!

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