GOOD LUCK: Liberal Celebs to Charge $47 for Admission to Anti-Trump ‘People’s State of the Union’

Democrats say (and do) the darndest things.

A booming stock market, lower unemployement for all, and ISIS on the run is not enough for the left.

Liberal celebs are now planning an alternative State of the Union address to counter President Trump’s, and the kicker is that they’ll charge $47 per ticket.

From Fox News:

A group of Hollywood elites, progressive groups and social activists are planning a “People’s State of the Union” as a “public alternative” on the eve of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

Notable participants in Monday’s scheduled event in New York City include filmmaker Michael Moore, actors Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa Milano, Rosie Perez and Whoopi Goldberg.

They’ll congregate at the Town Hall in Manhattan, the venue where suffragists met in the 1920s. Singer Andra Day and rapper Common will be performing the song, “Stand Up for Something,” from the biopic film “Marshall,” about the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Tickets were still available Saturday at $47 each.

The event, coordinated by unions, organizers of the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood, is being marketed as a celebration of the “resistance,” closer to “the people’s point of view,” USA Today reported.

USA Today has more:

Online, Alyssa Milano on Tuesday will launch an initiative, #StateOfTheDream, to support immigrants and raise money for United We Dream, an immigrant youth-led organization.

In a statement, Milano called for social media users to create brief videos describing “your dream for America” and post them at the same time, 9 p.m. EST, with the effort’s hashtag. She urged on Twitter: “Please join us! Resist and persist with digital counter-programming to Trump’s #SOTU”

Ya gotta love it. These people are so hypocritical and clueless it’s comical.

Try to forgive Dems. They know not what they do.

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