GOP Governor Caves on Guns, Approves Bans and Easier Confiscation (Details)

Some members of the GOP might as well be Democrats.

Take Vermont Governor Phil Scott, for example.

He just approved bans on guns and made confiscation easier.

From Conservative Tribune:

Yet another GOP governor has jumped aboard the gun-grabbing bandwagon, this time in Vermont.

According to The Washington Times, Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed a suite of bills Wednesday that made it easier for the state to seize guns from individuals the state has determined pose a threat.

The bills also made the minimum age to buy a gun 21 in the state and banned high-capacity magazines.

Washington Times has more:

The recently passed bills also require background checks for most private gun sales and ban rapid-fire devices known as bump stocks.

Vermont’s push for gun restrictions came after police said a teenager from Poultney was planning to kill as many people possible at Fair Haven Union High School. The teen was arrested and charged.

Bad move governor.

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