GOP Rep. Makes It Clear: Obamacare Mandate ‘Very Likely’ to be Repealed in Tax Bill

GOP Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) was nearly killed earlier this year by a crazed Bernie Sanders-supporting socialist. The media let the story slide very quickly, but had the tables been turned we’d be talking about it to this very day. Now, Scalise says Obamacare’s individual mandate will ‘very likely’ be repealed as part of the final tax cut bill.

From Newsmax:

A repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate will “very likely” be in the final tax reform legislation, according to Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.

“Individual mandate repeal is going to be very likely be part of the final,” Scalise told Monday’s “Fox & Friends.” “We passed it in the House many times. The Senate had trouble in the past. The Senate did pass the repeal of the individual mandate in their version of the bill, and we want to keep it in the final product.”

Scalise said tax rates would go down for everyone.

“If you are paying taxes, your tax rate is going to go down,” Scalise said.

The Louisiana congressman believes Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, will be in favor of the final legislation.

More on Scalise, per Fox News Insider:

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise reacted to an expletive-laced message from comedian Rosie O’Donnell after the House passed its tax reform proposal.

“Your life was saved a*****e, do something with it,” O’Donnell fumed on Twitter. “Find your morality [and] decency. Stop lying about tax cuts to the rich.”

The southerner responded with a simple “Bless your heart.”

Steve Scalise is the man.

He understands how awful Obamacare is for the American people and he’s fighting to rid the nation of its disasters.

Let’s just hope the GOP comes through. Thoughts?

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