GOP Strategist Backstabs Trump, Says He ‘Made the Democratic Party Great Again’ [Video]

People often times say silly things, but nobody saw this one coming. A Republican strategist just said President Trump has ‘made the Democratic Party Great Again.’ What in the world?

From The Hill:

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos on Sunday said the Democratic Party has flourished under President Trump’s presidency, pointing to the party’s sweeping election wins on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has made the Democratic Party great again,” Castellanos said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“He’s unified it and given it intensity at the polls much like President Barack Obama unified and intensified the Republican party,” he said during a roundtable discussion.

Castellanos predicted that Trump being in office will continue to negatively impact the Republican Party’s efforts to protect and win seats in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

More, from Mediaite:

The GOP operative went on to state that we saw the same thing happen for the Republican Party following Barack Obama’s election as Republicans were able to win races due to opposition to Obama. He would then point out how Gillespie appealing to Trump voters didn’t help because he lost women in the suburbs and there was a “feminist surge.”

“If you look ahead at 2018 in those Republican districts that Hillary Clinton won — 23 of them — the House is in play,” Castellanos concluded.

At least one GOP official has blamed his election loss on the president, saying it was the “Trump effect.”

Sounds like Alex Castellanos is confused, considering Democrat victories in New Jersey and Virginia were to be expected because they are blue states. Also, see the tweet below…

What now, Alex?

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