HERE WE GO=> Obama In Talks With Netflix To Develop TV Series [Details]

Barack Obama, Netflix star? Would that be any different than how the mainstream media treated the former president while he was in office?


The Obamas are now negotiating with Netflix to develop a series.

From Downtrend:

Netflix is apparently too successful and needs to hemorrhage some cash. They’ve already dropped millions on flops from Dave Chapelle and Will Smith so now they want to pay Barack Obama big bucks for a TV series even liberals couldn’t bring themselves to watch. Remember how boring he was as president? Now imagine that in TV show form.

The Daily Wire has more:

The real first reality star president is in talks with Netflix.

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama are in talks with Netflix concerning a potential series of shows for the streaming service.

Some of the unscripted, reality-style shows will reportedly feature both Barack and Michelle.

Sounds awful.

Stay tuned for further updates on this subject…

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