Hillary Slams ‘Authoritarian’ Trump, Blasts ‘Insidious Right-Wing Agenda’ (Details)

If it wasn’t official before, it certainly is now. Hillary Clinton is completely out of her mind.

The twice-failed presidential candidate slammed President Trump and the ‘insidious right-wing agenda’ while promoting her book, What Happened.

From BizPac Review:

The failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee made her remarks during a podcast while promoting her book, “What Happened.”

“I think that Trump left to his own devices, unchecked, would become even more authoritarian than he has tried to be,” she said in the “Pod Save America” podcast that aired Tuesday.


“Also remember, the right-wing, aided and funded by Mercers, Koch brothers, etc., is very serious about calling a constitutional convention,” she added. “They need 34 states. Last I checked they were like at 28-29. Part of their gerrymandering is to control state legislatures, elect Republican governors and to call a constitutional convention.”

Clinton argued that the right has a “very insidious” agenda.

Talking Points Memo has more:

“And if you really get deep into what they’re advocating — limits on the First Amendment, no limits on the Second Amendment, limits on criminal justice — I mean, there is a very insidious right-wing agenda,” Clinton said.

She called it “a very clear agenda that is hard for Americans to really kind of wrap our heads around because we’ve never had to deal with anything like this before.”

“We’ve got to pay attention to it,” Clinton said. “Because the one thing we can do to rein it in, besides fulminating online or, you know, speaking or writing books, is to do everything possible to take back the House in 2018 and hold the line in the Senate. There is no more important mission.”

There are no words.

The woman is unhinged.

It’s that simple.

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