Hillary Slams Trump as ‘Putin’s Puppet,’ Then Says the Truly Unthinkable [Video]

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is living in the past. Either that, or she still thinks she’s running for office. Recently, Clinton gave an interview where she slams President Trump as ‘Putin’s puppet’ and then continues to question the legitimacy of his victory.

From Daily Caller:

Clinton Questions Legitimacy Of 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton is questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election despite once calling such behavior “horrifying.”

In an interview with Mother Jones released on Friday, Clinton claimed “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” because of Russian interference efforts and alleged voter suppression. She said the Russian “disinformation campaign…wasn’t just influencing voters, it was determining the outcome.”

Clinton also blamed voter ID laws and “obstacles” to voter registration for her losses in states like Wisconsin, a place she failed to campaign in.

“In a couple of places, most notably Wisconsin, I think it had a dramatic impact on the outcome,” she claimed. “It seems likely that it cost me the election [in Wisconsin] because of the tens of thousands of people who were turned away and the margin being so small.”

More, via Mother Jones:

Hillary Clinton on Trump’s Election: “There Are Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy”

But Clinton stood by a claim she made during a presidential debate last year, that if Trump were elected president, he would be Putin’s “puppet.” Asked if she still felt that way, Clinton said, “I do.”

“I don’t know how the president of the United States, with all of the concerns about the integrity of our elections, could meet with Putin just recently and basically say, ‘Well, you know, he told me again he didn’t do it,’” she said. “I can’t believe that he’s so naïve. I think that he hopes or expects the rest of us to be naïve, or at least the people who support him to be naïve. But this is a serious cyberattack on America.”

Talk about a sore loser. This kind of baloney is damaging to our democracy

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