‘Hillary Was Dangerous!’ Susan Sarandon Breaks Liberal Hearts, Says Feminism ‘Warped’

Actress Susan Sarandon is not a conservative. Far from it. In fact, she supported socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016. Now, Sarandon lets it all hang out – referring to Hillary Clinton as ‘dangerous’ and feminism as ‘warped.’

From New York Post:

Actress Susan Sarandon called former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “very dangerous” Sunday — and said the United States would be at war had she won the 2016 election.


“I did think she was very, very dangerous,” Sarandon said of the former US secretary of state when asked if Clinton was more threatening than Donald Trump. “We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president].”

More from Daily Wire:

The 71-year-old actress told the Guardian on Sunday that she’s suffering a wave of attacks because during the 2016 presidential election she chose not to back Hillary Clinton and instead backed the third party candidate, Jill Stein.

“I’m not attacked from the right at all,” Sarandon told the U.K.’s left-leaning publication. Instead, she says, “she is accused of not checking her white privilege, of throwing away her vote on a third-party candidate during the U.S. presidential election, and of recklessly espousing a political cause that let Trump in through the backdoor.”


First, feminism. “I think of myself as a humanist because I think it’s less alienating to people who think of feminism as being a load of strident bitches,” Sarandon says. “[T]hat image of the shrill woman became the definition of a feminist for a long time. And women had a right to be angry, and to feel empowered. But that was just one glimpse of a fairly emotional and strident definition, and there was a period when young women didn’t want that label.”

Now, she says, that label has come to fruition, especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton. If you weren’t among the Democratic candidate’s most ardent public supporters, you were simply a traitor to your own gender. “It’s come back, and it’s gotten warped, especially with the election, where if you’re a woman you have to support Hillary Clinton,” Sarandon complains.

Telling it like it is!

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