HUGE: Poll Shows Dems’ Massive Congressional Lead for 2018 Has Disappeared

In light of President Trump’s rousing State of the Union address, his approval numbers jumped 10 points from 32% to 42%.

That’s not all. Democrats had a big lead on Congressional races heading into this year’s midterms.

Now? Not so much. They’re done!

From Daily Wire:

The Democrats in Congress, who must have thought that they would leave their GOP challengers in the dust in the 2018 election, must be looking in their rear-view mirrors in disbelief — a new poll shows that the once vaunted huge lead congressional Democrats held going into 2018 has plummeted to virtually nothing.

A new Monmouth University Poll, which was taken before President Trump’s State if the Union address, shows 47% of registered voters indicating they would vote for or lean toward voting for the Democratic candidate in their district compared to 45% who would support the Republican. That is an astonishing drop from last month, when a Monmouth poll found the Democrats with an enormous 15-point lead, 51% to 36%.

Monmouth has more on the poll:

Opinion is currently divided on the landmark tax reform plan – 44% approve and 44% disapprove. But this marks a significant increase in public support from December, when just 26% approved of the bill and 47% disapproved. Perhaps more importantly, fewer Americans (36%) believe that their own federal taxes will go up under the plan than felt the same when the bill was in its final legislative stages last month (50%). Still, the number who believe that their taxes will go up (36%) outnumber those who believe that their taxes will go down (24%) or stay the same (32%) under the new system.

Overall, 37% say that Trump’s first year agenda has focused a lot on issues important to average Americans, 34% say it has focused a little on these issues, and 26% say it has not focused at all on the concerns of average Americans. These numbers are slightly better than at the new president’s six-month mark in July 2017, when 32% said he was focused a lot on average American’s main concerns, 31% said he was focused a little and 35% said he was not focused at all on these issues.

“The president devoted a significant amount of the State of the Union address touting a growing economy and his new tax plan. While there is still some way to go to really win over the public, it looks like the needle has moved in the Republicans’ direction since passage of the tax bill,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. The majority of interviews for this poll were conducted before Trump delivered his speech Tuesday night.

Great news.

This is all Trump’s doing.

He’s making America great again one day at a time!

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