‘In a Heartbeat!’ RINO Senator Vows to Vote Against Trump Nominee – ‘Twice If I Can!’

What is the deal with Congressional Republicans going against President Trump? It’s asinine at this point. Check out Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, who vows to vote against 45’s judicial nominee…

From The Hill:

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said Tuesday that he will vote against one of President Trump’s most controversial judicial nominees.

According to Politico, Kennedy, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he will not vote to confirm Brett Talley, a 36-year-old deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department who has never tried a case.

Kennedy told Politico that he would vote against Talley “in a heartbeat.” Talley’s nomination cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month in a party-line vote.

More from Politico:

The Louisiana senator said he would vote against Talley “in a heartbeat — twice, if I can.”

Kennedy said he opposed Katsas’ confirmation to the appellate court in D.C. because of a “conflict of interest” that the senator argued “a first-year law student would see.” Katsas is deputy White House counsel and testified during his confirmation hearing that he worked on the White House’s response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, as well as a series of controversial executive orders.

“He is counsel to the president to the United States,” Kennedy argued. “He’s going to walk across the street and sit on the court that is going to hear cases involving the president and we’re all as Americans supposed to believe that he alone will judge when he has a conflict or not.”

The senator said he’s raised concerns about Trump’s nominees to the White House, but added: “It’s like talking to the wind.”

The only thing Congressional Republicans like Kennedy, McCain, Flake, and others are doing is helping the Democrat Party. Why? How are they helping Trump to make America great again? Talk about aggravating!

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