“INFURIATES ME!” Geraldo Goes on Live TV, Brilliantly Slams Dems Who Question Trump’s ‘Mental Fitness’

The left is questioning President Trump’s ‘mental fitness’ because, of course, they believe everything written in Fire and Fury is true – even though the author himself said he couldn’t be sure of the facts.

Lest we forget, Trump became a billionaire real estate magnate and TV star before commander-in-chief. He’s no dummy.

Enter Geraldo Rivera, who vehemently defends Trump against these liberal attacks:

From Washington Times:

Geraldo Rivera fiercely defended President Trump against accusations of mental incompetency Friday morning, saying the president has never been more capable and “intellectually in charge of himself” than he is now.

More from Mediaite:

“That infuriates me!” mental health expert Rivera exclaimed. “It is a slander, low-down and dirty. It is absolutely false.”


Rivera concluded that Trump’s “ability to cheerlead” has “jumpstarted the economy in a way that is so impressive that everyone is cheering.

Rivera crushed it.

Solid point after solid point.

If the left keeps up this nonsense, 45 is a shoo-in for re-election!

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