Jimmy Kimmel: Late Night Hosts are Liberal ‘Because It Requires a Level of Intelligence’


Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has outdone himself in terms of stupidity.

According to him, late night hosts are liberal ‘because it requires a level of intelligence.’

From Downtrend:

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t just stupid looking, he’s really dumb. It’s weird how that works out, huh? He however thinks he’s a major genius, which is another thing that happens a lot with idiots. And what does he attribute this high level of intelligence to? Well, his liberalism of course. According to Kimmel, all late night talk show hosts are liberal because they are extremely intelligent. So either liberalism causes people to be smart or smart people are liberals. Either way this is wrong and dumb as shit.

More from Ben Shapiro at Daily Wire:

This line of reasoning does raise a few questions. First, all of the late night hosts are straight white males. Presumably, Kimmel doesn’t think that the requirement for intelligence excludes those who are non-straight, non-white, and non-male. Also, the dean of late night hosts is Jay Leno, a Republican; does that mean he’s dumb? If so, Kimmel will have to explain how Leno dominated late night for so many years.

Finally, when one thinks of positions that require serious intelligence, late night host usually doesn’t make the list. Kimmel literally reads lines written for him by others; his intellectual credentials stretch all the way back to being a sidekick on “Kevin and Bean” on KROQ in Los Angeles, followed by a stretch as host of “The Man Show” — alongside Kimmel’s longtime friend, libertarian Adam Carolla. Presumably, Kimmel does not think Carolla is a dummy. And presumably, Kimmel wouldn’t find his antics on that show indicative of higher intelligence requiring a particular political viewpoint.

Dang, Jimmy.

Of all the dumb things you’ve said and done, this one takes the cake!

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