John Legend Asks Kanye to Not Support Trump, So Kanye Smacks Him Down Hard

Rapper Kanye West set Twitter ablaze on Wednesday when he proclaimed his “love” for President Donald Trump.

As a black man, West is not allowed to support 45 – that’s what liberals believe.

Far left singer John Legend urged Kanye to reconsider his support for Trump, so Kanye smacked Legend back to reality – and then posted their direct messages!

From Yahoo:

The friends and collaborators, who are tight enough to go on Waffle House dates with their wives, are now in a public dispute about West’s Donald Trump love during in his wide-ranging Twitter rant on Wednesday. Legend first posted several tweets online reacting to West’s support of the president. (West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, also said she disagreed with her husband.) Apparently, Legend — or “JL” — then reached out privately to West to ask him to reconsider all the “MAGA” talk. West not only wouldn’t back down, but he took their private text exchange and posted it on Twitter today.

More from liberal Vox:

This accusation that Legend is manipulating Kanye’s “free thought” falls in line with the rest of Kanye’s recent tweets, which have hinged on the idea that he, an artist and an intellectual, should have the right to admire whomever he likes — even Trump.

That’s true, of course. Kanye absolutely has the right to associate with whomever he wants. But Legend’s point — which he went in depth on in a series of tweets last night — is less about whom Kanye is allowed to admire and more the fact that his support for this president has stung much of Kanye’s fan base for much more personal reasons than he might care to realize.

Legend has always been a mouthpiece for the Democrat party.

However, Kanye just shut him up – BIGLY!

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