John McCain Does It Again, Blasts Trump for Undermining the ‘Free Press’ [Details]

Sen. John McCain is lucky he got to run for re-election in 2016. Had he been up for re-election in 2018 like retiring Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, he wouldn’t have had it so easy.

McCain has been prominently anti-Trump from day one and he refuses to let up, now accusing 45 of undermining the free press.

From The Hill:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday condemned President Trump’s combative attitude toward the press, and called on Congress to protect journalists worldwide.

“Whether Trump knows it or not, these efforts are being closely watched by foreign leaders who are already using his words as cover as they silence and shutter one of the key pillars of democracy,” McCain said in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post.

McCain called the Trump administration’s treatment of journalists “inconsistent at best and hypocritical at worst,” particularly when it comes to condemning attacks on the press abroad.

More from Raw Story:

“Yet even more troubling is the growing number of attacks on press freedom in traditionally free and open societies,” McCain wrote, “where censorship in the name of national security is becoming more common.” He cited laws both passed and proposed that have a “chilling effect” on journalists in Britain, France and Germany, the murder of a prominent journalist in Malta and a Polish news agency that was fined for publishing photographs of anti-government protests.

The president’s “unrelenting attacks on the integrity of American journalists and news outlets” have “provided cover for repressive regimes to follow suit,” with so-called “fake news” becoming a jail-worthy offense in 21 cases in 2017 alone.

“Trump’s attempts to undermine the free press also make it more difficult to hold repressive governments accountable,” the senator wrote. “For decades, dissidents and human rights advocates have relied on independent investigations into government corruption to further their fight for freedom. But constant cries of ‘fake news’ undercut this type of reporting and strip activists of one of their most powerful tools of dissent.”

Enough is enough, John. Go away, already!

The people are tired of your nonsense!

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