Keith Olbermann Loses It, Says Trump Worse for America Than Bin Laden & ISIS Combined [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has proved himself to be a complete and utter joke for decades now. His latest remarks about President Trump, though, absolutely take the cake. According to him, Trump has been worse for America than ISIS and Osama bin Laden combined.

From Fox News:

Keith Olbermann argues claim that Trump did more damage to the US than bin Laden

“You think that bin Laden did less to damage America than President Trump?” McCain asked, to which Olbermann immediately replied, “Yes.”

McCain went on to say, “rhetoric like that is so damaging,” before defending her brother’s service in the Iraq war, saying the comparison between Trump and bin Laden, the latter of whom “was dedicated to the destruction of … everything that we hold dear,” was unbelievable.

“How do people like us find common ground,” McCain asked, adding that she was exhausted with the behavior on both sides of politics.

“Do you want President Trump to fail? Do you want America to fail? I’m genuinely curious,” McCain said.

To literally dance on the graves of the thousands of people killed by radical Islam because you don’t agree with Trump’s policies is embarrassing. Keith should be ashamed.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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