Lawmakers Wear Bulletproof Vests Out of Fear Democrat Colleague Will Go Postal

The title says it all.

State lawmakers from Colorado have been wearing bulletproof vests out of fear their Democrat colleague will lose his mind and do something terrible.

From Daily Wire:

On Friday, two Democratic Colorado lawmakers revealed that they have been wearing bulletproof vests for weeks out of fear of a Democratic representative they felt could snap and retaliate against them for speaking out on behalf of multiple women who have accused him of sexual harassment.

Democratic Rep. Alec Garnett (Denver) and Democratic Rep. Matt Gray (Broomfield) told the House chamber they were worried about what Democrat Rep. Steve Lebsock would do since they were pushing for him to be expelled from the legislature, The Denver Post reported.

Denver Post has more:

Garnett has been involved in the harassment scandal since it started. Winter called on him for help during a party after the 2016 legislative session ended where Lebsock allegedly used explicit and suggestive language with her and then became angry when she turned him down. According to Winter’s account, she asked Garnett to get Lebsock a ride home, saying he was intoxicated. When Garnett offered to call a ride-sharing service, Lebsock allegedly cursed at him and walked away.

“Members,” a crying Lebsock said in response to the lawmakers wearing bulletproof vests. “I am an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran. And if someone walked in here — members, you would have had me here to protect you. Even the ones that don’t like me. I’m just hoping you know that.”

Garnett said he doesn’t button his shirt or tie his tie before coming to work each day because he puts the vest on in his Capitol office. He said his wife doesn’t like to see him donning it.


What a time to be alive.

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