Leftist Group Uses Underage Girls as Props, Forces Them to Shout F-Bombs at Trump

The left is at it again, pushing children to bash President Trump.

Check this out…

From Truth Revolt:

The extremist leftist organization known as FCKH8 is at it again, forcing young girls to help them push its pro-feminism agenda through the use of profanity. Just when it appears they can’t stoop any lower, the Left always proves us wrong.

For its new campaign, abhorrently titled “Pussy Scouts,” FCKH8 dresses the children up in pink Girl Scouts uniforms and pink knitted hats made popular at the Women’s March and forces them to “trash Trump” in an R-rated rap, as the Facebook post explains:

“Girl’s F-Bomb Rap Trashing Trump” features pussy hat-wearing scouts, ages 8 to 12, humorously trash-rapping against Trump and his sexist and racist ideals.

Humorously? Really?! There’s nothing funny about adults using 8-12 year olds in profane ways.

Does it get more awful than that?

The left loves them some indoctrination.

How about telling these girls all the great things Trump has done for the country, instead!?

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