Leftist Writer’s Vile Attack on ‘Redneck’ Sarah Sanders is Most Vicious You’ll Ever See

Evan Hurst, a writer for Wonkette, just viciously attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You’re not likely to see something more heinous than this…

WARNING*** Strong Language***

From Daily Caller:

While Wonkette doesn’t shy away from profanity and insults, this particular article makes the writer seem deranged and possibly even obsessed with Sanders.

The headline of the piece is “Go F**k Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf**ker” and Hurst writes, “We can scarcely believe we haven’t devoted a post in our beloved series of children’s bedtime stories ‘Oh Go F**k Yourself (INSERT ASSHOLE’S NAME HERE)’ to Our Lady Of The Tablecloth-Wearing Lie Mouth, AKA Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But we haven’t, so here we go.”

Hurst ripped on the fact that Sanders is from Arkansas and has a southern accent, and accused her of frying squirrels and called her a “PUS-FILLED WHITE TRASH SCAB ON THE TINY DICK OF DONALD TRUMP’S HUMANITY.”

More from Wonkette:

What was the worst thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders said or did this week? Was it when she tweeted Wednesday morning about how she was happy enough to fry a squirrel for dinner that CNN was boycotting the White House’s Christmas party?


What did we say in the headline of this post? Oh yeah, it is go fuck yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you debased redneck motherfucker.

And that’s what we have to say about that.

What type of man writes something so brutal about a God-fearing woman like Sanders? What has she done to him? Evan Hurst is everything wrong with America. He should be ashamed!

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