Liberal Lawmaker Accused By 10 Women Of Sexual Harassment, Says He’s The Victim

It’s not just Republicans being accused of sexual harassment, despite what the liberal mainstream media wants their uninformed base to believe. This latest case involves a Colorado lawmaker who claims he’s the victim after 10 women have recently spoken out against his actions.

From Daily Wire:

A Democratic Colorado state representative embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal claims that he is being “blackmailed and coerced” and says that he fears for his life as his “rights have been violated.”

Rep. Steve Lebsock (D-Thornton) allegedly became sexually aggressive toward Democratic colleague Rep. Faith Winter at a party in 2016, after she spurned his sexual advances, The Denver Post reported.

“He used explicit and suggestive language about how happy we could make each other and didn’t we deserve to be happy — it was in the end of session,” Winter said as she recounted the incident with Lebsock. “(He began) describing different sexual acts that we could do, and I turned him down. And the more I turned him down, the more aggressive and angry he got. He was standing over me. He was saying things like, ‘Why can’t you just leave? This is good for both of us, I know you can make me feel happy.’”

More, per Denver Post:

Lebsock, a 47-year-old Thornton Democrat, apologized for his behavior but said he does not remember making the comments and was drinking heavily at the party. He denied trying to grab her by the elbow.

“I’m extremely sorry that Rep. Winter has been hurt, but I can also say honestly that I do not remember ever saying anything inappropriate to Rep. Winter (that night),” he said in an interview.

Two more women came forward hours later, putting their names to accusations that Lebsock made unwanted sexual advances toward them at political events and meetings. House Speaker Crisanta Duran and other prominent Democrats urged Lebsock to resign. He declined and called on his accusers to make a formal complaint.

“The people of Colorado are tired of dirty politics and tired of anything that appears underhanded or out of bounds (and) will not be accepted by our citizens,” he said in a statement. “We should take these accusations seriously, and through the normal legal channels.”

What a shame!

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