LIBERAL NARRATIVE FAIL: 38 Shot, 8 Killed In Gun-Controlled Chicago In One Weekend

Chicago has some of the tightest gun-control laws on the books in America.

It is also run by liberals.

Check out what happened over Memorial Day weekend…

From Breitbart:

Thirty-eight people were shot, at least eight fatally, in gun-controlled Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend.

The murders are in line with what the city has witnessed over the past few years. ABC7 reports there were seven murders over the Memorial Day Weekend in 2017 and eight during the same weekend in 2016.

Chicago’s overall murder rate is slightly lower than it was last year at this point. USA Today reports there have been 191 murders year-to-date, whereas there were 237 murders at this same time last year. However, the murder rate is still high enough that it puts Chicago “on pace once again to record more homicides than any other American city. ”

More from ABC 7 Chicago:

Also working to curb summer violence was the Safe Summer Cycling Tour in Grand Crossing held by community group Antonio’s Response and lead by CPD’s Third District.

“It’s extremely important in the height of violence that we’ve been having now that the weather has changed,” said Alderman Roderick Sawyer of the Sixth Ward. “We have to change the dynamic, change the paradigm and say that it’s okay to come outside. It’s more good people than there are bad people.”

The tour’s goal was to connect the community with organizations that offer safe and fun programs for youth on the South Side.

America doesn’t have a gun problem.

It has a leftist idiot problem.

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