Liberal Writer: ‘We Have A White People Problem,’ Not A Gun Problem (Details)

To the left, all problems are based on race.

According to a writer for GQ, America doesn’t have a gun problem, no. It has a white person problem.

From Daily Wire:

In the long list of out and proud racists that prominent publications keep on their payroll, we can all count GQ columnist Damon Young among them.

In his latest rant at The Root, Young speaks of America’s “white people problem” and how that is to blame for gun violence, not lack of gun control.

Young begins his treatise by recalling a time he biked with his wife and some friends through the rural areas of Pennsylvania and Maryland, where he recalls seeing only four black people while being “surrounded by whiteness.”

More from Root:

In America, white people are everywhere, and this ubiquity connects to perhaps our greatest irony: We (black people) are vastly outnumbered by them. They also own more land, earn and possess more money, and have all the guns. Most of the people making laws are white, as are most of the people enforcing them. There are entire states you can drive through without seeing one of us, entire lives that can be led without ever having any meaningful interaction with us. We are surrounded, outnumbered, out-resourced and outgunned. Our entire existence here is a continual assault on our bodies.

But we are the ones perceived to be the threats. We are the ones they’re scared of. We are the ones who tell our children how to dress and how to wear their hair so they’re not thought of as threats to them. We are the ones who consciously and subconsciously modify our voices and our behavior when forced to interact with them. We’re the ones whom trained officers with weapons and badges and handcuffs and legal justifications are so damn scared of that we’ve created entire curricula based on that fear, teaching ourselves what to do to seem less frightening to them.

Must everything come down to race-baiting for the left?

Good golly!


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