Linda Sarsour to be Named ‘Person of the Yr,’ Called for Jihad Against Trump [REPORT]

The fact that anyone other than President Trump is TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ is ridiculous, regardless of how meaningless the award truly is. However, it looks like white Muslim Linda Sarsour will take home the “honor.” She once called for jihad against 45.

From Arutz Sheva:

Back and forth it goes. President Trump says he had it in the bag, but turned it down, so far as being named TIME magazine’s person of the year, 2017.

Never happened, say the magazine’s editors. Trump was never in the running.


Then the fact that nobody reads TIME anymore. That’s Old Media. You read TIME only in the dentist’s office while waiting for your root canal procedure.

Speaking of which – Linda Sarsour.

Now there’s TIME’s most likely pick to represent 2017. She is the picture, the image of everything gone to pot over the past nearly 12 months.

TIME’s editors won’t put it that way of course. They will ascribe to her, this so-called Palestinian American, all the glories of the women’s movement, whatever that is anymore. But they do march for “equality,” of the sort we find in certain Islamic countries where all women are equally put to death for disobedience.

Like forgetting to wear that special veil, which Sarsour never forgets, even though some might say it signifies bondage rather than emancipation.

From Gateway Pundit:

Linda Sarsour is a radical left-wing activist masquerading as a leader of women’s rights while she pushes for Sharia law-the most oppressive set of laws which ultimately enslave women.

Sarsour called for Jihad against Trump!

As previously reported, speaking at ISNA’s 54th Annual Convention, Linda stated that Muslims have “NO need to assimilate” and that fighting the Trump Administration is a form of JIHAD!

More on Sarsour from Washington Times:

New York City’s progressive university The New School is under fire for agreeing to host a panel on anti-Semitism featuring Palestinian-American activist and staunch Israel critic Linda Sarsour, the latest example of the left’s growing rift over Israel.

The Tuesday forum, called “Antisemitism and the Struggle for Justice,” features Ms. Sarsour and two representatives of the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace, prompting critics to decry the event as a “supreme irony,” a “fake panel” and “Orwellian.”

At the same time, the uproar has prompted pro-Israel progressives to push back against the dictates of intersectionality, the political movement that calls for leftists to take sides against Israel in a show of unity against oppression.


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