Lindsey Graham Brazenly Disrespects Trump, Says He Would Not Serve in Cabinet If Asked

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham ran a wildly unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2016. Most people probably forgot about that, because Graham went unnoticed the entire way.

Now, Graham says if asked by President Trump to serve in a cabinet position he’d turn down the offer.


From The Hill:

Graham answered “no” when NBC’s Chuck Todd asked if he would serve in Trump’s Cabinet should the president ask him to do so.

“We will not be hearing the name Secretary Graham on any Cabinet agency,” Todd followed up.

“You got it,” Graham told “Meet the Press.”

AOL has more:

Graham has been seen as increasingly cozy to Trump recently, which Trump remarked on this week when he said Graham “used to be a great enemy of mine but now he’s a great friend of mine.” Graham ran against Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

“He’s the president of the United States,” Graham said of his new fondness for Trump. “He’s going to make a decision about immigration I’ve been working on for a decade. He’s president of the United States – going to make a decision about North Korea, which is one of the biggest threats to the world at large. He’s going to decide whether or not to stay in the Iranian agreement. I’ve enjoyed his company. He beat me like a dog. I’ve said everything I know to say about him – I’ve used every adjective on the planet. I lost. He won.”

“I don’t think he’s crazy,” Graham continued. “I think he’s had a very successful 2017. And I want to help him where I can. And we should all want him to be successful. He’s got a lot on his plate.”

Graham must be kidding himself if he thought he ever had a shot at a cabinet role to begin with.

The president isn’t exactly a fan of politicians who speak negatively about him on a regular basis.

However, if asked to serve and Graham turned down the job it would say a lot about his character.

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