LOL: DNC Is Suing Trump Campaign for ‘Conspiracy to Help Trump Win’

Democrats can’t seem to let 2016 go, no matter how hard 2020 hopefuls want them to.

Now, the DNC is suing the Trump campaign for ‘conspiracy to help Trump win.’

Yes, seriously.

From Western Journal:

In one of the more bizarre twists in the already hopelessly convoluted quest to undo the results of the campaign, and undo the Trump presidency, the DNC is asking a federal court to find the Trump campaign engaged in activity to “bolster Trump and denigrate the Democratic Party nominee,” according to CNBC.

Well, as the DNC well knows, bolstering its own candidate and denigrating the other guy’s is pretty much what a political campaign exists for.

The twist here is that the DNC is accusing the Trump campaign of working with agencies within the Russian government to take advantage of hacking operations that targeted DNC computer systems as well as the group WikiLeaks that published a series of damning emails from the account of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Source: DNC Literally Suing Trump Campaign for ‘Conspiracy to Help Trump Win’ by ConservativeTribune

More from CNBC:

The White House had no immediate comment on the new DNC lawsuit.

In a statement issued Friday afternoon, the Trump campaign called the lawsuit “frivolous,” and a “last-ditch effort to substantiate the baseless Russian collusion allegations by the nearly-bankrupt Democratic Party.”

“This civil lawsuit is completely without merit and will be dismissed in due time,” the campaign said.

In other words, the Trump campaign wanted the Trump campaign to win and the DNC is mad about that?

Got it!

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