Maxine Waters: Americans Too Dumb to See ‘Something Terribly Wrong with Trump’

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has Trump derangement syndrome to the max.

Now, as liberals are prone to doing, Waters is going after Americans for being too dumb to understand why 45 must be impeached.

From Downtrend:

California Rep. Maxine Waters wants Donald Trump impeached. Why? She can’t say, but she is making a list of people she feels are too stupid to understand why the freely-elected President of the United Staes must go. Republicans? Yup, they’re dumb. Democrats? Apparently also dumb? Every single American citizen? They too made her list of the intellectually-challenged. Actually, it might be easier for Waters to make a list of people “smart” enough to understand Trump’s crimes because it would just include her. Even someone as brain-dead as Mad Maxie can count to 1.

In a battle of the crazy black ladies, Waters was interviewed by MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Because Waters only knows one thing, which is impeach 45, that’s what the two talked about. Waters said basically that the American people are too dense to get what going on with Trump:

From The Hill:

Waters, one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the House, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that despite the multiple indictments that have resulted from the investigation, American people do not fully understand the connections between Trump and Russia.

“They should know that something is terribly wrong,” Waters said.

“Given all we have learned about this president, all the connections of his allies and the people around him to Russia … there’s not an understanding about the danger of this president and the way that he has lied,” she added.

Does it get more awful than this?

Honestly, does it?

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