Maxine Waters Blasts ‘Destructive’ Republicans & Fox News, Comes Unglued (Details)

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is as anti-Trump as a person gets, continually pushing for his impeachment.

She recently went off the rails, slamming ‘destructive’ and ‘outrageous’ Republicans and Fox News.

Check it out…

From Breitbart:

Waters said, “There are growing attempts by right-wing media, some Republican members of Congress and President Donald Trump himself to discredit and undermine the work of special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Waters added: “We have decided we will not stand by and allow Fox News and right-wing Republicans to defy the rule of law and create their own rules to interfere with a legitimate investigation under the Constitution of the United States. We will be vigorously working to deny the brazen attempts to destroy special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation.”

She concluded: “The unusual efforts that are being put forth by Trump, Republican members of Congress and Fox News are more than outrageous, they are unconscionable, destructive, and Constitutionally unsound.

More on Waters, via The Hill:

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) tore into President Trump and Republicans in Congress on Wednesday for questioning the integrity of the special counsel’s investigation.

Speaking on “All In with Chris Hayes,” Waters stressed that Republicans’ increased attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team revealed the administration’s desperation to stop the probe.

“We don’t know everything that’s in this plot, except that they’re trying to stop this investigation,” Waters told Hayes. “This president does not want it to go forward and we cannot help but ask: Why?”

“What is he afraid of?” she continued. “If he has not been involved with collusion, if he has not been involved in obstruction of justice, if he has not been involved in money laundering, if he doesn’t have a plot to lift the sanctions working with the Kremlin, and the oligarchs of Russia, [then] what is he afraid of?”

My goodness, Mad Max!

Trump isn’t the problem here. You and the Corruptocrat Party ARE!

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