Maxine Waters Praises Dem’s ‘Integrity’ with Women, He Was Just Busted for Harassment

Democrat Rep. John Conyers was just busted using taxpayer dollars to pay off a woman who accused him of sexual harassment. At a speech not long ago, fellow Democrat Maxine Waters praised Conyers’ ‘impeccable integrity’ towards women’s issues. Ha!

From Daily Caller:

A leading Democratic congressman settled a wrongful dismissal complaint for more than $27,000 in taxpayer funding after he allegedly fired the staffer because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances,” according to a new report.

The congressman, Michigan Rep. John Conyers, is described as a serial sexual harasser who would prey on his female staffers in sworn affidavits signed by four of his former staffers. BuzzFeed News first reported the bombshell allegations and accompanying settlement after right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich provided the website with the documents.

One former female employee filed a complaint with the Congressional Office Of Compliance in 2014, alleging that she was fired for rebuffing Conyers’ sexual advances. It was that employee who eventually received a $27,111.75 settlement in 2015, in exchange for a confidentiality agreement. The congressman did not admit to fault as part of the settlement agreement.

Enter Mad Maxine, per Truth Revolt:

Here’s what Waters said:

“You know, there is a member of Congress who has been supportive of women for many, many years. He is quiet, he is confident, he is powerful. But he has impeccable integrity on all of our issues. Give John Conyers a big round of applause.”

D’oh! How silly does Maxine feel right about now?

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