Media Upset Trump Congratulated Putin, But Obama Did EXACT Same Thing (Details)

President Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin in what was obviously a sham election in Russia as Putin won nearly 75% of the vote.

As imagined, the far left mainstream media is in an uproar. And yet, the media made no fuss over Barack Obama doing the same exact thing in 2012.

From Downtrend:

Part of “The Resistance” or more accurately “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is opposing everything the President likes and liking everything the President opposes. This is why liberals are in love with Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, illegal alien killers, and making Americans poorer. Another prong of TDR is being outraged at everything Trump does, even if that includes things that their patron saint Barack Obama had previously done. In this case the left is furious that Trump congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin in his recent election victory, something Obama also did back in 2012.

From Weekly Standard on Obama congratulating Putin:

Yet with President Obama reportedly calling to congratulate Putin, apparently the White House isn’t too concerned with the fraudulent election–or even its worrisome outcome.

Obama does it, no big deal.

Trump does it – pandemonium!

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