Melania Epically Trolled Hillary Clinton at SOTU, Now She’s Being Called Racist [Details]

First Lady Melania Trump looked as stunning as ever during the State of the Union address.

While wearing an all-white suit, Melania took what some are considering a direct shot at twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

From BizPac Review:

The First Lady, controversially, held a separate meet-and-greet before the State of the Union, which honored MS-13 gang victims, beneficiaries of the GOP tax cuts, and military heroes. She also sent tongues wagging by traveling to the State of the Union separately from the President.

Melania Trump may have gotten the last laugh with her choice of attire for the State of the Union.

Melania’s outfit:

Remind you of someone?

Far left loon and CNN contributor Sally Kohn accused Melania of racism, per Downtrend:

CNN’s Sally Kohn looks like a dude and dresses like a lumberjack, but suddenly she is a fashion expert. Mostly because it involves attacking the President and First Lady. You see, Melania Trump wore white to the State of the Union address and Kohn feels like that is not only a fashion faux pas, but also an overt symbol of white supremacy. Yeah, were are at the point were the Resistance accuses a simple stylish outfit worn by Donald Trump’s wife as racism.

You get it? Trump is racist, his supporters are racist, and Melania was signaling the white supremacists with her choice of outfits. According to Sally Kohn, Melania Trump is a white power Nazi for wearing white to the SOTU address. And CNN wonders why nobody trusts them as a news source anymore.

Sally needs help.

Then again, so do all Democrats!

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