Michael Moore Takes the Time to Compare ‘Terrorist Organization’ NRA to ISIS

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore supported socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Now, Moore compares the NRA to ISIS.

How does that make any sense!??

From Downtrend:

There seems to be a consensus forming on the left that millions of law-abiding Americans who through their membership in an organization that advocates for the protection of the Second Amendment are on the same level as a fiendish radical Islamic death cult that revels in slaughtering innocent people.

But hey, the left threw in with ANTIFA and while the smelly black-clad leftists haven’t yet arrived at the head-chopping stage, they are violent and view western civilization as it exists as abhorrent and evil just as Moore does.

Moore may not be stuffing his oversized ass into a black paramilitary suit but his emergence as one of the key resistance figures who is egging others on and who promotes rallies set up by the Russians, he qualifies as a dangerous demagogue and propagandist.

More from Daily Wire:

After a year and a half of claiming that Republicans colluded with the Russian government to steal the election for Donald Trump, it turns out that any coordination thus far uncovered between Trump campaign officials and Russian sources was unwitting, according to an indictment delivered by the Mueller grand jury.

[Michael] Moore attended an anti-Trump rally organized by Russian sources. Moore didn’t know that the sources were Russian, but no matter — according to the standards of the Left, this amounts to collusion.

Moore needs help. There’s no excuse for comparing patriotic Americans to radical Islamists just because you aren’t a fan of the Second Amendment.

Where’s the logic?

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