Pentagon Sends Chilling Message Calling for Trump to Step Down [Details]

Well, this isn’t something you’d expect to see at this moment. Apparently, a ‘proud resister’ called for President Donald Trump to resign, and then the U.S. Department of Defense retweeted the message! Say what?

From Downtrend:

For a brief moment there it seemed like that military coup to overthrow President Trump, that the liberals are pinning their hopes on, was happening. Rosie O’Donnell even pried her head out of the feed bucket with excitement, only to have her sad world come crashing back down around her. The Pentagon retweeted a message today that in part called for Donald Trump to resign. Apparently this was just some user error and the United States military is still behind the freely-elected POTUS.

The 5.2 million users who follow the Department of Defense on Twitter got a surprise today, when this thing was retweeted:

The Chief Pentagon spokesperson sent out a tweet of her own in hopes of explaining this:

More, per Daily Caller:

The Department of Defense promptly undid the retweet, but not before journalists and other Twitter users noticed and took screenshots.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Pentagon for an explanation of what may have been an accident, but as of press time, the Department of Defense had not provided a direct answer to inquiries.

So which is it, DOD? Come on! This is absolutely appalling!

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