MLK’s Nephew Calls Trump a ‘Genius,’ CNN’s Don Lemon Loses His Mind [Watch]

A nephew of Martin Luther King Jr. was interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon.

It didn’t go so smoothly.

Check it out…

From Mediaite:

CNN’s Don Lemon seemed to get flustered on Monday night as he ended up going around in circles during an interview with Isaac Newton Farris about President Trump‘s racist tendencies.

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, and several of the civil rights icon’s relatives have weighed in on Trump’s remarks about how people from Africa come from “sh*thole countries.”


Farris eventually brought up changing demographics in America, saying that Trump was a “genius” for tapping into the fear white Americans have talking about racial subjects. Lemon pushed back on Farris’ remarks about racial typecasting, asking Farris why he was defending Trump by making excuses for his behavior.

More on the King family, per The Hill:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s eldest son on Monday compared President Trump to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace (D) amid backlash over Trump’s controversial “shithole countries” remark, The Associated Press reported.

“George Wallace was a staunch racist and we worked on his heart and ultimately George Wallace transformed,” Martin Luther King III said while speaking in Washington on the holiday named after his father.

“We got to find a way to work on this man’s heart,” he adding, referring to Trump.

Chill out, Donny. Your bias is showing.

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