MSM Fawned Over North Korean Cheerleaders, but They’re Actually SEX SLAVES (Details)

Remember how the far-left American mainstream media fawned over the North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics?

Turns out those women are actually sex slaves for the murderous regime.

From New York Post:

Members of the North Korean national cheerleading squad — who have been featured gleefully rooting at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics — are systematically forced to have sex with high-ranking members of Kim Jong Un’s twisted regime, according to a disturbing report.

Behind the scenes, the troupe — dubbed the “Pleasure Squad” by insiders — are forced to perform sex acts on party leaders during their trip to the Olympics, a defector with knowledge of the sexual slavery told Bloomberg News.

“[The] troupe came here and performed with dances and songs, and it might seem like a fancy show on the outside [but] they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services,” said defector Lee So Yeon, a military musician who fled the country in 2008, during Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Bloomberg has more:

Kim Hyung-soo, 54, defected to South Korea in 2009 with his son, a skier who competed in the North Korean national league. The father is the co-head of “Stepping Stones,” a non-governmental organization that supports defectors. The son currently works for a “large company” in Suwon, home to the headquarters of Samsung Electronics Co.

“In one word, athletes are Kim Jong Un’s sports ‘slaves.’ Even the coaches are slaves to Kim Jong Un, and to the North Korean regime. Because in North Korea, Kim Jong Un and the regime is the entire world. The athletes and the cheerleaders, too. They are all Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s slaves. The cheerleaders, too. They select people who are unlikely to defect, and people with loyal backgrounds. This factor is crucial from a very early stage.”

How sad.

Will the MSM say anything? What are the odds?

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