MSNBC Guest Hits New Depths, Says Trump ‘Honors & Elevates’ Racist Groups

Liberals say the darndest things. Jonathan Chait is a prime example. According to him, President Donald Trump is honoring and elevating racist groups inside the Republican Party.

From Daily Caller:

[New York Magazine’s Jonathan] Chait said, “These kind of fascist, authoritarian, openly racist groups used to be basically outside of Republican Party politics and now he’s brought them inside of it. He’s cultivated alliances with it.”

He continued, “They’re not at the center. They’re not Paul Ryan. But they’re part of the party. They’re inside the tent, they’re people he listens to and honors and elevates. That’s a really new change and that’s a huge change in the whole makeup of American politics that Trump has enacted and I don’t see that changing even after he’s gone.”

More from Chait in a piece from New York Mag:

Since he emerged as a national candidate, Donald Trump has collapsed the political and ideological space between the Republican Party and the fascist right. The latest manifestation of this change is Trump’s retweeting a series of snuff videos by Jayda Fransen, leader of the far right Britain First Party.

Fransen is obviously thrilled to be legitimized by the purported leader of the free world.

Chait is everything wrong with the Democrat Party, yet he represents all for which they stand. He knows little of which he speaks, yet he believes it all to be true. Sad, sad man.

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