MSNBC Guest on Live TV: We Need a “Revolution” to Overthrow Trump [Watch]

MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch lost his mind on live TV, claiming America needs a “revolution” to overthrown President Trump, the “dictator.”

No joke.

From Daily Wire:

An MSNBC panel became completely unhinged on Friday, saying that people needed to take to the streets and calling for people to start a “revolution” to overthrow the government.


“This is frightening stuff. If you are an American, if you’re somebody who is 80 years old and sitting at home and you’ve watched the greatness of this country, you should be terrified, and if you’re a 12-year-old and the future is in front of you, this is terrifying,” Deutsch continued. “This is not time to analyze and pundit. People, we need a revolution at this point.”

Daily Caller has more:

“This is not time to analyze and pundit. People, this is a — we need a revolution at this point. And I’m not doing TV here — and going what is he doing? This is what’s going on.”

Forgive Democrats.

They know not what they do.

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