MSNBC Host: ‘Crazy’ Christians with ‘Mythical Beliefs’ to Blame for Trump’s Jerusalem Move

MSNBC host Chris Matthews thinks ‘crazy’ Christians are at fault for President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This, despite every president since 1995 punting on the decision after claiming they’d follow through with the move.

From Downtrend:

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump made the controversial announcement that the United States would be recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something that a bipartisan Congress has been advocating for years.


Among the most irrational is the emotionally challenged host of MSNBC’s Numbnuts Hardball Chris Matthews who dropped by “Morning Joe” this morning to pass himself off as some sort of foreign policy guru as well as to trash rural voters who according to cosmopolitan elitists like the MSNBC nitwits are practically subhuman but definitely don’t deserve the right to select their own leaders.

More from Washington Free Beacon:

Matthews connected President Donald Trump’s expected decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to Roy Moore’s Senate campaign in Alabama. He said support for Israel among Evangelicals comes from their “crazy ideas about Israel.”

“Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama next week. It is related,” Matthews said. “Because it’s the Christian Evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel which is, I don’t know, mythical.”

“They don’t understand the situation over there, how tricky it is ethnically and tribally,” he added. “They don’t care because it’s a religious belief. Trump is playing into that this week; you watch him.”

What scares the left most is that Trump follows through with his promises. Matthews needs to deal with it and move on rather than attacking Christianity.

On the other hand, silly talk like this will get Trump re-elected to the Oval Office in 2020.

If it means hearing foolish comments for the next three years in exchange for a Republican president, the American people will happily deal.

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