MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Crosses the Line, Says GOP is ‘Party of Pedophiles’ [Video]

The far left refuses to tell their base the truth because they prey on the weak and uninformed. MSNBC, for example, is the absolute worst. On ‘Morning Joe’ recently, John Heilemann claimed that if Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is seated in the upper chamber, the GOP becomes the ‘party of pedohiles.’

From BizPac Review:

Morning Joe crossed the bridge from Trump opposition to blanket smear by calling the GOP “the party of pedophiles” due to Roy Moore allegations.

It’s one thing to determine women’s accusations against Moore are credible — the blockbuster WaPo report that started it all claimed 30 sources — but it’s another to say that a politician is proven guilty, and therefore, all Republican supporters sanction such behavior. Furthermore, it’s another category of insult to label the GOP the “party of pedophiles.”

Recently, President Trump said that Roy Moore denies that it happened, and emphasized that the accusations are coming out after forty years.

“I can tell you one thing for sure: We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat,” Trump also said.

More, via The Hill:

“If your moral code doesn’t dictate that you come out strongly against someone who’s been accused of these things, maybe a political, strategic argument would prevail on the president, which is that you win this seat, this Senate seat for Roy Moore, it’s a Pyrrhic victory because you will be saddled, as you all have just said, as the party of a pedophiles for the rest of Roy Moore’s term,” panelist Willie Geist said.

Co-host Joe Scarbrough said he believes it’s still more likely Moore will lose the Dec. 12 special election to Democrat Doug Jones.

A line has been crossed. Heilemann went way too far.

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