Muslim Professor ‘Happy’ Barbara Bush Died Has Been Placed on Leave [Details]

A Muslim professor at Fresno State University celebrated the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, saying she’s “happy the witch is dead.”

She has now been placed on leave.

From Downtrend:

Following the news of Barbara Bush’s death yesterday a horrible Muslim Fresno State professor tweeted out how glad she was the former First Lady was dead, calling her a witch and a racist. As online backlash piled up this scumbag bragged that she was a tenured professor and couldn’t be fired no matter how much hate she spewed. Well about that…it seems the untouchable professor is now on leave. Karma’s a bitch.


Jarrar’s profile now reads: “Currently on leave from Fresno State. this is my private account and represents my opinions.”

The president of Fresno State didn’t immediately rebuke Jarrar’s comments.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Randa Jarrar is proof.

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