MUST SEE=> Father of Florida Shooting Survivor Lived Through Vegas Massacre

A family has survived not one, but TWO mass shootings in the span of just four months.

Braden Freidkas lived through the Florida school shooting where 17 people were killed, while his father made it through the Las Vegas massacre that left 58 dead.

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From BizPac Review:

Unlike 17 of his schoolmates, Braden Freidkes survived last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. His father, John Freidkes, shared his good fortune at the Las Vegas massacre that claimed 58 lives in October 2017.

Braden spent the shooting in the classroom of his favorite teacher, Scott Beigel – or Mr. Beigel to him. Beigel heroically corralled students into his classroom and later died defending them. Braden had to step over the body of his favorite teacher to get to safety.

“What really hurt me is that I passed every test, but the last one I did bad on and that’s how it ended for me. I was super sad to kind of let him down on that,” Braden told CNN.


Freidkes said at first he was worried about sending Braden back to school, and he thought about homeschooling, but he quickly dismissed it. “You can’t live in fear,” he said.

“It’s got to stop. There’s got to be a way,” Freidkes said. “Our political leaders that we vote for work for us, not for lobbyists, and they need to remember that.”


Braden was in teacher Scott Beigel’s class as the shooting unfolded.

“I asked my teacher Mr. Beigel, saying ‘What’s going on,’ because we all ran back,” Braden said.


God is watching over the Freidkas family, without question.

RIP to all of those who lost their lives at the hands of Nikolas Cruz and Vegas madman Stephen Paddock.

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