NO JOKE: Former Clown Vs. Illegal Alien in Democrat Congressional Primary (Details)

Clown vs. illegal.

Who wins?

Check out what’s happening in South Carolina…

From Downtrend:

I don’t think a better metaphor for the Democratic Party exists than the reality of a democratic primary in South Carolina. A an actual circus clown is running against someone who claims to be a former illegal alien for the chance to take on the Republican incumbent. I guess it would be better if these two liberals were transgender, but it’s still pretty damn funny and representative of the lunatic fringe that has become synonymous with democrats.

More on clown Steve Lough:

Steve Lough, who has worked for Ringling Bros. circus, is running for the Democratic nomination in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.

And he’s leaning into his past profession. His campaign website is registered under the domain, which includes a photo of him in clown makeup and videos of him juggling, asking South Carolinians to get out and vote in the June primary. His campaign signage features the “o” in his name as a red clown nose.

More on former illegal alien Mark Ali:

My name is Mark Ali. I’m a father, husband, and an immigrant from Suriname (Guyanese born).

I came to America when I was 18 years old with a new vision for my future, and a mustard size seed of hope. I had no plans, no special talents or money upon arrival. The only certainty was that I had to depart Suriname in order to provide a better and brighter future for myself and my family. As an undocumented immigrant, I never took any opportunities for granted – I hustled! I worked odd jobs in New York City. I worked long hours for low pay and no benefits. I worked as a stable boy, washed dishes, became a cook, and then moved up to head cook. I learned rather quickly that moving up doesn’t directly always correlate with how hard you are willing to work. I went back to school to obtain my G.E.D., found a job with the City, and worked full-time through college while earning a degree in paralegal studies.

Democrats deserve these two.

Let’s just hope the immoral party never gets another man in the White House.

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