No More Free Rides! This State Will Start Drug Testing Food Stamp Users – Is It Yours?

President Trump is reportedly set to tackle welfare reform in the near future. Good. Far too many people have taken advantage of the system for too long. Now, the Badger State will begin drug testing recipients to make sure the government benefits go toward food. What a concept!

From Downtrend:

Former Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has enraged liberals with his plan to implement drug testing for food stamp recipients.

Walker is the ultimate political survivor after beating back a 2012 recall bid led by socialists, labor unions and Democrats who flooded America’s Dairyland with outside agitators. He went on to easily win a second term in 2014 despite flaming out as a national candidate and dropping out of the 2016 GOP race early on.

He is looking to leave his mark by pushing for the nation’s first law requiring recipients of the federal program to tinkle into a cup in order to collect their freebies.

More from Star Tribune:

Under the plan, childless FoodShare participants who fail a drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehabilitation treatment if they don’t have any other way to pay for it. FoodShare is Wisconsin’s name for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The Walker administration estimated that a small fraction of the program’s applicants — 220, or 0.3 percent, of the 67,400 applicants a year — would actually test positive for drugs.

Walker has touted the drug testing as a way to put more drug-free workers into the workplace.

Opponents say that’s wrongheaded.

“The state could do far more to expand the workforce by investing in broader access to effective drug treatment programs, rather than spending scarce state resources on the administration of drug screening and testing requirements,” said Jon Peacock, research director for Kids Forward, which advocates for children and families in Wisconsin.

Good on Gov. Scott Walker!

Good on Wisconsin!

Let’s hope more Republican states fall in line. Then, the whole of the country!

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