NY Governor Pardons 18 Illegals Set for Deportation in Rebuke to Trump (Details)

New York’s far left Gov. Andrew Cuomo is intent on ruining his state and breaking the rule of law simply to jab at President Trump.

Recently, Cuomo pardoned 18 illegals set for deportation.

From Fox News Insider:

New York is following in California’s footsteps by granting pardons to 18 immigrants who were facing deportation by the federal government.

In a move seen as a rebuke to President Trump’s strict immigration enforcement policies, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) granted pardons Wednesday to individuals who were convicted of crimes, but have since been law-abiding members of society for 10 years or more.

Overall, Cuomo granted clemency to 61 convicted criminals and pardoned a total of 39 people for misdemeanor and nonviolent offenses.

More on Cuomo, via The Hill:

Among those pardoned Wednesday was Lorena Borjas, 57, who had been convicted of criminal facilitation in 1994 as a result of being a victim of human trafficking. Borjas, a transgender woman from Mexico, has worked as an advocate for the transgender and immigrant communities since her conviction, the governor’s office said.

Freddy Perez, 53, was convicted of criminal sale of a controlled substance in 1993. Perez, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, said he hopes to become a U.S. citizen, according to the governor’s office.

Cuomo will cut off his nose to spite his face.


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