NYC’s Socialist Mayor Just Gave Trump the Middle Finger, Says Illegal Aliens Welcome

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, a good friend of Hillary Clinton, doesn’t care that President Trump’s DOJ said he has to follow federal laws. De Blasio is set on defying the administration and keeping New York a sanctuary city.

From AP News:

New York City officials sent a letter to the U.S. Justice Department Friday defying a directive intended to pressure the city into cooperating more with federal immigration enforcement efforts.

New York was among four so-called “sanctuary cities” that were given an Oct. 27 deadline to show they’re not hampering enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

The Justice Department has threatened to cut off millions of dollars in federal grants to the cities, which include Chicago, New Orleans and Philadelphia, if they didn’t meet certain criteria.

In New York, the Justice Department wants the city’s jails to notify federal immigration agents when someone in the United States illegally is about to be released from custody. Right now, local laws only allow city officials to share information about people who have been convicted of certain crimes.

In other news, de Blasio is scum and so are his allies – via New York Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio crony Jona Rechnitz revealed in court Friday that he treated his NYPD pals to an all-expenses-paid trip to Miami to catch a college football championship game — complete with prostitutes as “entertainment.”

Rechnitz said he took then-NYPD Deputy Chiefs James McCarthy and Andrew Capul and now-retired cops Eddie Gardner and Stephen McAllister, who is now the police commissioner in Floral Park, LI, on the jaunt to the BCS National Championship game in 2013. It was the first time the alleged trip has come to light.

The deep-pocketed real estate investor paid for travel, “a suite to watch the game, food, everything,” he told jurors in Manhattan federal court.

What world does de Blasio live on? Why do socialists not think laws matter?

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