Obama Calls for ‘a Million Young Barack Obama’s’ to Aid ‘Human Progress’ (DETAILS)

Barack Obama was arguably the worst president in American history.

He did nothing but divide and attack half the country on any given day.

During an interview in Japan, 44 slammed ‘old men’ while claiming ‘a million young Barack Obama’s’ are what is needed to aid in ‘human progress.’

From Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama described how “a million young Barack Obamas” could aid “human progress” at a conference Sunday in Japan.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Obama told the crowd about his current work after leaving the presidency — leading the Obama Foundation’s efforts to get the young people of the world talking to each each over the internet.

“If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama said. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

Washington Examiner has more:

During the discussion, Obama acknowledged the great potential that young people have in making a difference, pointing to the March for Our Lives anti-gun violence demonstrations, led by high schoolers, in Washington, D.C., and around the globe. He also knocked “old men” in power.

“A lot of our problems are caused by old men. No offense, men, who are old,” he quipped.

The former president bemoaned the current news and social media environments in which people are too easily able to find news that fits their personal narratives and signaled that he is seeking a way to create a more productive forum.

How about NO, Barry?

Go away, already!

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