Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Trump is ‘an Embarrassment’ – Doing ‘Great Damage’

High-ranking members of the Obama administration have used harsh words to condemn President Trump since he’s been in office.

Now, it’s former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel who has decided to step up to the plate.

To Hagel, 45 is “an embarrassment.

From The Hill:

Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tore into President Trump after the president reportedly referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.”

“Donald Trump is doing great damage to our country internationally,” Hagel, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, told the Lincoln Journal Star.

“He’s an embarrassment.”

Journal Star has more:

“We have not really seen these kind of times since Watergate and Vietnam,” Nebraska’s former U.S. senator and former U.S. secretary of defense said during a wide-ranging telephone interview from Washington.

While President Donald Trump is at the heart of all of this, “intentionally dividing the country and the world,” pulling away from alliances that have benefited America and abandoning trade agreements that have been in U.S. interests, he is not the only catalyst in play, Hagel said.

“Globally, you see the same political dysfunction in virtually every democracy in the world,” Hagel said, with England abandoning the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel struggling to form a coalition government and Emmanuel Macron bringing a new face to the government of France.

Hagel clearly suffers from Trump derangement syndrome.

So 45 says some silly things on Twitter. Big deal.

The fact remains that the stock market is climbing and ISIS is on the run. Game over, Chuck.

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