Obama EPA Chief Spent Hundreds of Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars For Travel, MSM Ignored

Scott Pruitt is the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency. He has been getting bashed by the mainstream media over the cost of his travel expenses.

The thing is, Barack Obama’s EPA chiefs, Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy, did the exact same thing with taxpayer dollars for their travel. They spent a lot.

And yet, the media didn’t make a fuss whatsoever.

From Hot Air:

In 2017, Scott Pruitt and his security detail went on two overseas trips. On the G7 trip, they spent $84,000. On a separate trip to Morocco they spent $40,000. Whether or not that bill for two trips all year is excessive can remain in the eye of the beholder. But before you decide, let’s first look at how Gina McCarthy and her security detail did during the Obama administration.

In 2016, Team McCarthy made three trips spending the following amounts:
$68,382 to travel to Ghana
$45,139 to travel to Peru
$74,737 to travel to Tokyo

They were a bit more busy in 2015 it seems. McCarthy and the security team racked up the following bills:
$41,320 to travel to Paris
$90,367 to travel to Dubai
$67,702 to travel to Tokyo
$56,192 to travel to Italy

More from The Hill:

EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said the cost for Pruitt’s security detail followed protocol.

“Administrator Pruitt’s security detail followed the same procedures for the G7 environmental meeting in Italy that were used during EPA Administrators Stephen Johnson, Lisa Jackson, and Gina McCarthy’s trips to Italy. EPA’s security procedures have not deviated over the past 14 years,” Wilcox said.

Pruitt’s own first-class tickets for the trip cost more than $7,000 and included a return flight on Emirates, an airline that boasts one of the most luxurious first-class services in the world.

Go figure. Another double standard.


H/T: Right Scoop

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